Assisted Living and Senior Safety

Over 19 million American citizens care for an adult over 75, and safety is a primary concern for all of them. Seniors and senior caregivers need to be especially vigilant both online and offline. Safety for seniors has two main aspects–protection from others who would take advantage of them, and protection from accidents that happen all by themselves. Safety around the house, home, or assisted living facility is easy to improve with just a few simple steps. And when it comes to online safety, just knowing what scams are out there, so you won’t be fooled, is 99% of the battle.

Here are some of the best resources we know of on senior safety.

Seniors and Health Safety

Scams and Crimes

  • Common Scams: A list of common scams targeting senior citizens.
  • Stop Senior Scams: Tips on how to help senior adults avoid scams.
  • Fraud Target: The FBI provides tips to prevent and avoid scams targeting senior citizens.
  • Scam Screen: Four tips on how to avoid scams. Also resources on the latest scams with advice on how to avoid them.
  • Senior Housing Crime: Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation is devoted to providing a safe environment for seniors through a crime-stopping network.
  • BBB Warning: The BBB list five scams and offers advice for seniors on to avoid the scams.
  • Senior Citizen Scams: The Attorney General of Idaho provides advice on to prevent scams.
  • Crime Prevention Tips: A five-page crime prevention guide for seniors.

Kitchen and Food Safety

Elder Abuse

Assisted Living and Nursing Home Safety

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Anne Loveless September 13, 2010 at 10:32 am

This is a very nice website that you have created.

Anne Loveless
Arkansas DHS

Tianna Fraser October 30, 2010 at 2:04 pm

Interesting and very informative post. I think safety, must be one of the things to be given importance when caring for an elderly individual.
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