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Virginia will offer seniors looking for assisted living housing a wide variety of landscapes and settings. The largest population group is in northern Virginia among the suburbs of Washington DC. The Eastern shores of the state offers the Chesapeake Bay with many inlets communities. Virginia Beach at the southeast corner of the state on the bay is the largest city. The Western border of the state runs along the Blue Ridge Mountains. Richmond, the state’s capital, is very historic and located at the center of the state.

Many of the citizens of Virginia work at technology and civil defense jobs, in the northern section of the state. Agriculture, tobacco, and oyster harvesting are other large producers for the economy. There are over 85 hospitals across Virginia, and several assisted living centers and nursing home facilities. The largest selections of assisted senior housing are in the northern section of the state, and Richmond or Virginia Beach. Williamsburg and Hampton, found near inlets of the Chesapeake Bay is also a popular retirement location.

Several small communities along the western border of the state also offer assisted living for seniors in the regions of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The states average cost for assisted living is $43,650 a year. Nursing home providers charge an annual cost of $66,100. Day care providers charge an yearly cost of $14,100 for seniors seeking part-time care. The Center for Quality Health Care Services and Consumer Protection - Virginia Department of Health license and oversees all health care providers.

Virginia's sales tax rate is 5%, prescription and nonprescription drugs are tax-exempt, with a lower tax of 1.5% on foods for home consumption. Personal income taxes vary from 2% to 5.75%, across four different brackets. The general cost of living for the state is midrange compared to the national average. There are higher living rates in the northern section, and along the coastline.

There currently are 994,359 senior citizens living in Virginia. The state's total population estimate is at 8,010,245. There are several other communities across the state, which are popular with retiring seniors, including Charlottesville, Winchester, and Williamsburg. Each of these communities offers senior housing and healthcare with many benefits and amenities. Estimated total count for assisting living residents is over 1,300 facilities and centers across the state.

The rural communities and farming sections of the state offer beautiful landscapes and quieter settings than the more populated areas. As with most Eastern states that have tidewater's and ocean properties, seafood is readily available at a reasonable price. The landscapes across the state offer many choices for retirement lifestyles. Seniors can choose from, the mountains in the west, to the oceanfront properties on the east coastal regions. For a country living lifestyle, the gentle rolling hills of the farm country throughout the center of the state offer many locations for seniors.